Sunday, April 22, 2012

Great Blue Heron in flight

Great Blue Heron in flight, photographed while paddling the Occoquan Water Trail in Virginia near Bull Run Marina.

It has been no small effort to get my self to the point where I can photograph from the kayak. This is one of the first real photographs I feel like I've made using my new setup and hopefully the beginning of new stage for my photography. Jess and I put in at Route 28 with the water just about at the suggested level for paddling. While we did not have to portage, we did have to scoot through a few shallow spots. After paddling through pretty narrow river for seven miles, it opened up right before the Bull Run Marina pull out. As I was stalking this heron, I turned around to see if Jess was getting bored - no - he was busy watching a Bald Eagle chase a smaller bird right above us. Not too bad for the first paddle of the season.

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